The World of Male Escorts

Whenever the profession of escort services is mentioned, it is almost an autonomous reaction to associate it to females. Most escort websites use female pictures for their branding and it is obvious that escorts are mostly female. This stands to reason as the biggest consumers of the service are male. However, escort services are provided by males as well, and even in this case males still seem to be the biggest consumers of the service. In Britain, statistics show that as many as twenty percent of escorts are males.

Based on accounts, the client base for his services consists of mostly single men though there are cases where the men are married. Some of these men are openly gay and the customer age group tends to be 30 years old and above.

Like their female counterparts, their primary mode of advertisement is through online channels. It is estimated that about 80 per cent of male escorts have an online presence and offer both incall and outcall services.

Popular among male escorts is the practice of ChemSex. This where various drugs are used by either or both escort and the client. This is done to heighten the sensation and the experience and is one of the most heavily requested services. Of course, this only applies to male escorts who engage in sexual activity as not all of them do.

Male escorts are also susceptible to robbery, assault, etc. Where they differ from females is how this is handled. If the escort session was handled in a legal manner, then female escorts are comfortable reporting crimes to the police. Males sex workers on the other hand are much less comfortable. The reason for this is threefold.

The first consideration is that they are men. While women are more likely to express their emotions and cry out for help in these scenarios, for many males, being raped or assaulted is a bruise to the ego. Having to articulate the ordeal to the police is also a huge step in putting pride aside for males. Second, male escorts are not above the stigma that their female counterparts must deal with where they are viewed as simply sex workers. Past situations have acted as a deterrent for the reporting of these incidents. The impression that “you decided to do sex work so it’s your fault” will be thrown at them is reason for them to forego reporting these incidents. Finally, there is the impression of assault and rape on men in general as opposed to women. The truth is when men are on the receiving end of these crimes, many people, some of which are in the police force, don’t think it’s as serious as it is for women. These persons tend to treat it as such. The combination of these factors causes male escorts to shut down in this sense and accept whatever happens, whether good or bad.

It’s important to realize that females are not the only ones who form the escort community. Males reap the same benefits and are exposed to similar risk factors.

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