Things to Consider when Dating an Escort

Sometimes due to their nature of work, people forget that escorts are human beings. They have the need for basic things such as affection. It’s not uncommon for escorts to be in relationships (though some of them hide their source of income from their significant other) with committed individuals. As escorts are usually physically attractive and possess enchanting personalities, it is likely persons will be attracted to them. The success of their business largely depends on their attractiveness. If you are considering dating an escort you should consider the following.

You’re probably not the first

The first thing to consider is that what you do may not be as original as you may think. Escort services are expensive, and the clientele tends to be persons who not only can afford them, but persons who are also wealthy. Additionally, many of these persons just require companionship and will take escorts on quite impressive experiences. Apart from experiences, if the escort you’re interested in provides sexual services, then clients may have already wowed him/her with techniques that you may know. Escorts must give the impression of a pseudo-relationship to multiple clients and so these clients do things that are typically done in relationships. You need to accept that this is the case and ensure that the sentiment outweighs the gesture in the mind of the escort you are attracted to.

Work may take priority over date night

Escorts must dedicate time to clients to make the money they desire. This is usually for hours at a time and it typically will happen during the night. You have to be able to deal with the fact that work will most likely not only mess with your spending time with him/her, but this work will mean that spending time with you is forgone for spending time providing companionship to strangers.

Emotional exhaustion

Making other people feel good and satisfied regardless of how you are feeling is mentally and emotionally exhausting. It must be faked many times and once it’s over reality will set in. Since you will most likely be the person that the escort is her/his real self with, you will likely be on the receiving end of venting in an emotionally exhausted state. Not only will you probably have to listen to some uncomfortable work stories, you are expected to provide the necessary reassurance.

Sexual Risks

Not every escort provides sexual services, but if the one you are interested in does, then there are risks you may be exposing yourself to especially if unprotected services are offered. All the risks attached to promiscuous sex apply here such as STDs and pregnancy. Escorts usually try to take steps to prevent these (at least the latter) but there is no 100% safe method to remain safe unless abstinence is practiced (which is not really happening here).

Dating someone of any profession can be challenging, however, when the profession boils down to faking attraction for a fee, there can be some challenges for you down the line.

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