Worst Things to do to an Escort

It’s not very hard to stay in the good graces of an escort. Provided you make the required payment and behave even remotely like a human being, your escort experience is generally expected to be a pleasant one. The job description of an escort includes making you feel good. However, this has not stopped some people from managing to pull of the amazing feat of getting the escort to stop caring because of poor choices. We would prefer you not be an awful client and so here are some of the worst things that you should avoid doing to an escort.

Attempting to have unsafe sex

Unless it was part of your initial agreement, do not attempt to have any kind of unprotected intercourse with an escort. Apart from your coming off as a total douche, there are health risks attached to this for you both. Neither of you knows the other’s sexual history. Even so, you are aware that this person is an escort and has very likely had sexual intercourse with multiple other persons. Just don’t do this and don’t try to find a way to convince an escort against his/her will.

Overstaying your welcome

This again follows the line of sticking to the agreement. There is always an agreement for time you want and are willing to pay for. While the experience can be incredible, it’s just the result of the escort doing a good job. It doesn’t mean there’s attraction for you to capitalize on for your benefit to get extra time for free. Think of trying to get extra food at a restaurant for free. You’re essentially attempting to rob the business of profit and disregarding the effort of the person preparing the food. Don’t be this person. It’s likely you’ll simply annoy the escort and guarantee never having a repeat appointment.

Last minute cancellation

Have you ever made plans with someone only for the person to cancel at the last minute when you’re ready and rearing to go? So, you’re aware of what this feels like and you’re also aware that this is something you shouldn’t do. This is especially applicable when you’re messing with someone’s livelihood. This escort has forgone other bookings to allocate the timeslot to you and it’s unlikely he/she will be able to replace the appointment on such short notice. Unless there is a really good reason (like meeting in an accident), do not do this.

Erectile dysfunction drug use

This one is twofold. First there are those who don’t need these drugs but take them anyway to ‘last long’. This can result in difficulty in bringing you to climax which is not fun for your escort and will cease to be fun for you at some point. Second, there are those who either need or don’t need these drugs but hide the fact they’ve taken them which confuses the escort about what is happening with your body. Do not be either of these people as your escort will lose interest in your satisfaction once it becomes tiresome.

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